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Our Mission

Generations Active is committed to encouraging sports-based collaboration between communities, organisations, and residents of Hounslow. Our goal is to increase access to sport for everyone, while developing opportunities for learning and employment for locals.


"Empowering & equipping through sport and physical activity, to bring community cohesion and wellbeing."


We’ve got a wide range of partners that are working together with the community to get support to the groups that need it.

The coalition is thriving; businesses, faith groups and partners are taking part, and smaller groups are getting access to better support.

We’re supporting peer mentors and role models who are playing an active part in encouraging more locals to take part.

Well trained mentors are supporting local people to take part in sport and physical activity.

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We’re inspiring more people to try new activities, in a way that feels safe and inclusive.

We’re seeing generations working together in a more integrated community, where people are feeling safer and more confident.

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The communities we reach are more active, and are noticing the improvements the programme is making in the local area.

Local people and local spaces play a central role in our work, with the benefits reaching the community directly.

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